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              1. The 26th Window Door Facade Expo China 2020

                  5 to 7 March 2020 | Guangzhou, China  

                +86 20 2231 5830

                the 26th Windoor expo China

                march 5-7 2020,guangzhou china

                The first window door facade exhibition in china

                Launched in 1995, Windoor Expo China is now the must - attend industry event connecting architects, builders, contractors, fabricators, real estate developers and traders with suppliers and manufacturers showcasing the latest products and solutions on window door, hardware, aluminum profiles & thermal insulation, building glass & facade materials, equipment & tools, sealant & adhesive, smart home from Asia and across the world.  

                New Products
                SQM Space
                Why ExhibitWhy Visit
                Expo Dates & Opening Hours
                5 March 2020   09:30 to 17:00   Thursday
                6 March 2020   09:00 to 17:00   Friday
                7 March 2020   09:00 to 17:00   Saturday
                Venue & Address
                Poly World Trade Center (PWTC) 
                No. 1000, XinGang Dong Road, Guangzhou 

                Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)
                No. 630, XinGang Dong Road, Guangzhou 

                7 Exhibit Sectors At 2 Venues

                - Window & Door
                - Aluminum Profiles & Facade Materials
                - Hardware & Fittings
                - Equipment & Tools
                - Sealant & Adhesive
                - Smart Home
                - Innovation Hub (Innovative Products)
                Learn More

                Featured Brands

                Global top brands are choosing Windoor Expo China as their first choice to launch new products in China. Learn more about exhibitor list.

                Comments From VIP Real Estate Buyers

                "Every year in March, as the most professional engineering procurement platform, Windoor Expo not only provides a procurement platform, but also a hub for the launch of innovative products and new technologies. We can find the latest achievements of product R&D from big brands and trends of future architecture. We are looking forward to seeing the exciting new trends at Windoor Expo 2020"

                 - General Manager of Cost, Times Prosperity
                "It was enjoyable to visit Windoor Expo 2019. We got thoroughly ideas about new products and technologies here, which will offer guides for materials selection in the future. Besides, we found more specific classifications for new areas, such as fire-rated doors & windows, smart home forums etc. This will also give reference for future engineering industry."

                - Deputy General Manager of Procurement, R & F Group

                Photo Gallery

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